Messages for Karl’s Climb

This just in from Karl: “Yesterday we went ice climbing in the ice fall. It was a blast the lines are up to the balcony so we now plan to head up the 14th and the 18th summit!”

As you may know, Karl is raising money for Covenant House California as he climbs Mt. Everest. Thank you, Tanya Quaife, special events manager at the shelter, for collecting the following messages of encouragement from kids staying there. They met Karl last month and were excited that he was taking on such a challenge on their behalf. Here’s what they had to say:

“Personally you have some guts! I could not do that myself, that being said, you have way more courage than me.  Maybe one day I’ll have as much as you! Come back safe!” – Sharks

“Don’t give up!  Whatever you’ve started, finish!  Persevere to the end! If we could climb a big mountain in our own lives, so can you!” – Jessica

“Hope all is well on our climb.  I hope everyone at Covenant House climbs their own personal mountains in life.  You’ve certainly inspired a lot of youth here – Stay encouraged!” – Benjaii

“Happy climbing! I hope you achieve your goal and dream.  I look forward to hearing your story when you get back and come and see us!” – Aeisha

“If it makes you feel any better, the food will be superb when you are done, and the success will rush to your head when you get to the top!” – Clement

“Stay safe on your mountain climb up the steep slopes of Mr. Everest.  Anyhow, watch out for comets, zombies, and anything that even looks like an abominable snowman!  In all reality, best of luck!” –Ivan

“What an amazing adventure and accomplishment you are taking on!  We look forward to seeing you in June and hearing all about the view. Thank you so much!” ~ Johanna

“Great job, stay warm!!!” ~ Paris

“Stay safe! Swag!” ~Sharks

“Keep going! Never give up! Swag!” ~ Von

[Tanya asked Von and Sharks: “What does swag mean?”

Sharks: “It means awesome.  Like if I saw a shark jump through a hoop, I’d say ‘swag.’

Tanya: “So ‘swag’ is the new ‘cool’?”

Von: (pauses, looks embarrassed for Tanya) “Um, no one says ‘cool’ anymore….”]

“You can do it” ~ Billy

“You get back home to us! We love you!” ~ Mavis

“Keep up that positivity, stay warm and alive. Enjoy your weeks in day freeze! LOL” ~ Marcus

“Karl, Hope everything goes well for you in your trip up Mt. Everest.  All the way up dude! All the way! Don’t give up. Keep focused.  You can do it! Si se puede!” ~Andrew

“I would like to say good luck to you!”  ~India

“Good luck and defeat that mountain” ~ Jason

Then, Tanya shared her own story:

I did a Half Marathon this weekend (with no training besides a few 3 mile walks around the Rose Bowl). The last 2.5 miles were uphill, and I was so, so tired — and so, so slow by the time I got to that point.  But I kept thinking of the Everest film that Karl showed where the climbers were moving super slow as they get to the very top of the mountain, and I also thought: ‘Good grief, Karl is climbing Everest! Of course I can do this last mile up Cahuenga!’  So Karl’s climb motivated me for sure!

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3 Responses to Messages for Karl’s Climb

  1. Denise Brent says:

    Karl – Holding out good thoughts for your climb to the summit. I am in awe of you! Denise Brent

  2. What tremendous commitment to advocating for homeless youth. God speed and blessings! May you have a safe and prosperous trek!
    Lillian Harris, Advocates for Adolescent Mothers

  3. kelly says:

    Dear Karl,
    Hi! I’m a student in Mrs. Davidson’s class and I think that you are absolutely amazing! I hope you are having a blast up there! You are my role model. The Wiz Kids all believe you can do it! Good luck.

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